Introducing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

In response to customer feedback, Sungard AS's ground-breaking Managed Recovery Programme (MRP) is being transformed to provide customers with even greater value. At the same time, it's being renamed as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

A more comprehensive offering

"Seven out of ten customers recovering by themselves continue to run into difficulty and not achieve their targeted RTOs. It's not surprising then that the more enlightened CIOs are demanding what we call a 'Predictable Recovery Experience'," explains Daren Howell, Proposition Marketing Manager.

In the disaster recovery market, there are many narrow, cloud-based Disaster recovery service offerings called DRaaS but these are just a small subset of what Sungard AS can provide. They typically focus on the technology, whereas our DRaaS spans all aspects of the business: people, process and technology.

Enhanced capability and consistency

The new DRaaS service allows customers to remain in control and dictate the business outcomes to be achieved. Our skilled people carry out change management between production and recovery systems, and then apply the processes to recover the business applications to agreed SLAs.

Behind the service element are automated tools used to understand application inter dependencies and to speed up the recovery process. Some are brand new and some are from managed services such as our Recover 2 Cloud service, which was introduced to the UK last year. We've since updated that capability to run on dedicated platforms to replicate Windows and Linux physical and virtual servers and machines.

Addition of new technology

The latest technology deployed by Sungard AS is a discovery tool that, when installed on customers' networks, will search for all applications, processes and IT equipment. By giving a complete picture of the IT environment, this cuts hours from an otherwise tedious, expensive and manual process.

Sungard AS's automated discovery & dependency mapping process also scans and flags on-going changes to the IT estate – making it easier to ensure the recovery backup capability keeps pace with the production estate.

Matthew White, Sales Manager for DRaaS, added: "Disaster Recovery as a Service is not just for those customers who experience difficult tests and recoveries but also those who prefer to focus resources on critical production projects. Many customers are already benefitting from reduced RTOs and increased disaster preparedness that the new DRaaS service level brings."

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