Sungard Availability Services RaaS for NetApp is a suite of services that delivers recovery of your NetApp storage environment, including daily data backup, replication, and fully managed recovery services.

Continued explosive data growth has put traditional data protection methods under pressure. Tape-based backup methods, in particular, are outmoded consuming IT budgets and creating administrative complexity. As a basis for recovery, tape is high-risk, resource intensive, and unreliable – and slows the recovery beyond what most organizations can tolerate. In many cases, these risks have called into question the need to continue traditional backup methods altogether.

Recognizing these limitations, many organizations have adopted more efficient disk-based protection methods such as that enabled by the NetApp suite of data management software and hardware. Snapshot capabilities built into NetApp disk have become a popular alternative to traditional backup. However, recovery options have focused on data without the end-to-end services approach required to ensure coherent OS and VM recovery.

The Sungard AS Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) suite offers a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to managing data protection in NetApp storage environments which is designed to ensure the successful capture, replication, and retention of data while also delivering tiered OS and VM recovery options at a secondary recovery location.