IT is more complex than ever before. Applications and processes exist in physical and cloud environments. Some applications are provided externally by service providers while others are internally-based. There may even be shadow IT that has been purchased by various departments – completely without your knowledge.

Whether you have been the CIO for years or you have the additional challenge of being new to the company, you need an accurate understanding of what IT and applications exist in your environment and what their dependencies are if you are to succeed in your role. All IT transformations, strategic projects, growth plans, and business development initiatives start from knowing where you are today.

The question is, how do you get to a single source of truth that provides an accurate account of your IT as it exists now?

You may question whether the records that you have represent a comprehensive picture of your IT environment. Staff turnover frequently results in documentation gaps, as does shadow IT. With applications being added and changed constantly, documentation often lags dangerously behind.

Nevertheless, it is only when you have an accurate map of your IT and applications that you can realistically plan to transform your IT environment, making it more resilient and recoverable.