Is Data Sprawl Blocking Your Business Continuity?

A recent survey conducted by Sungard AS services with 75% over 350 Business Continuity leaders and planners revealed that almost 75% of users have never used their recovery plan at time of test or disaster. When we dig deeper into real causes — three challenges emerge — plan data accuracy, accessibility and timeliness. Simply put plan information is out of synch with reality. The plans pass the auditors' list but don't work effectively at time of disaster. Rendering them essentially worthless when they are needed the most. So what can be done?

Sungard AS Assurance Connect is an industry leading Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that we've embedded into our market-defining business continuity suite, Sungard AS AssuranceCM. The new integration capabilities help you drive better awareness, engagement, and effectiveness through superior data integration for business continuity planning AND implementation.

Learn more about how to make  your business continuity plans truly actionable when you truly need them the most.

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