If you want to accelerate innovation with the flexibility and the agility of a cloud infrastructure—along with the superior security, control and performance advantages of a managed, recoverable environment—we have a solution for you: Managed Cloud-Hosted Private Cloud from Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS). Use our private cloud solution when you need to protect your most sensitive data, or when you have specific performance goals in mind for your cloud applications.

Our dedicated, recoverable computing solution makes sure your data stays secure and your applications remain available. Choose from a variety of dedicated storage options capable of supporting the most demanding workloads. This secured, locked-down and isolated environment makes you better prepared to meet data protection, privacy and compliance requirements under our certified PCI-DSS status.

Our fully dedicated hosted private cloud delivers more predictable performance because there is no longer a need to compete with other tenants for cloud resources.

With fine-grained management over how, where and when cloud resources are provisioned and consumed, you can meet specific workload and application needs and avoid costly IT sprawl.

Protection is inherent in the architectural design of our Managed Cloud-Hosted Private Cloud solution. We also offer security management services with 24x7 monitoring by our team of security experts. This includes web application firewall, threat and log management and network intrusion detection to protect your most critical data and help you:

  • Locate vulnerability and security gaps
  • Incident escalation and remediation guidance
  • Attack filtering logic tuned specifically for each web app
  • Log security monitoring, daily review and archival (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX).

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