Data protection and recovery is of paramount importance in business, but it can require a large capital commitment. With Managed Enterprise Storage Replication (ESR) for EMC, Sungard AS takes on the responsibility of replicating your critical data from your primary EMC storage environment to a Sungard AS secondary EMC environment. Your mission critical data is stored at a world-class recovery data center in a hydrated, ready-to-use state that can be retrieved at a moments notice. All without the unnecessary added capital expense of secondary site storage and infrastructure.

Sungard AS’ ESR for EMC also gives you the flexibility to choose the additional capacity you need, when you need it, with predictable associated costs. Leveraging the expertise o​f Sungard AS in a recover-to-cloud model not only helps you remove the hassle of tactically managing data recovery but also frees your IT staff to focus on important production and business critical services for your organization.

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