Many organizations risk disruption to their operations because they lack enterprise-wide governance management of business continuity. The Sungard AS Business Continuity Management (BCM) solution offers expertise in developing comprehensive BCM programs that address your organization’s greatest business availability risks — including the most probable and highest impact business continuity gaps. Customized solutions leverage our full suite of availability services for organizations at all levels of BCM maturity.

Sungard AS’s BCM uses an industry-leading, risk-based business continuity methodology that ensures your BC spending is properly aligned with the organization’s acceptable level of business risk. For organizations with a relatively high degree of BC maturity, we deliver “point” solutions that address specific gaps; for example, we can validate an existing BC program. We also develop comprehensive programs that address the entire business continuity lifecycle. Clients can outsource all or portions of their Business Continuity Programs via Sungard AS’s Managed Continuity Program (MCP). We can even implement necessary technology, including BC software, cloud adoption and managed recovery programs.