Increased comfort with cloud security. Avoidance of capital expenditures. Outsourced management. Pay-as-you-grow pricing. These and other features and benefits, combined with mounting concerns over maintaining business continuity in the event of disasters, are behind the growing adoption of recovery as a service (RaaS). This cloud-based approach offers service packages tailored to different levels of data and application criticality within organizations. Costs are based on speed of recovery and the restoration point for individual applications.

Recovery services in the cloud were available beginning several years ago. But many organizations were hesitant to trust the cloud for business continuity due to concerns about the security risks involved in replicating their mission-critical applications and data outside of the enterprise data center. These concerns encompassed cloud services in general, even as security, availability, and cloud business models continued to evolve and improve. But that has changed dramatically in recent years.

Recovery as a service is coming of age - is your business?