If you've been tasked with creating a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan for your team, function, business unit, or company, you can likely get yourself 80% of the way there by taking an existing disaster recovery plan template and customizing it to your specific situation.

The goal of this white paper is to share insights into effective disaster recovery plan templates that we at Sungard AS have gained over the last 40 years, as well as to provide a sample template that you can follow when writing your own BC/DR plan.

Although business continuity (BC)/disaster recovery (DR) plans vary from company to company, industry to industry, and even from department to department, most BC/DR plans will conform to a logical template.

Some plans are hundreds of pages long, while others are only tens of pages; however, they contain the same basic building blocks that you can use as a framework for your own Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan.

The purpose for BC/DR Plan is the same for every organization, to document the specific procedures to be performed before, during and after a disaster declaration.

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