A Dynamic, Resilient Connection Solution for Mission-Critical Applications

Companies seeking to move mission-critical applications to the cloud consider security, performance, and control as barriers to greater adoption. AT&T and Sungard Availability Services have joined forces to remove these barriers through Sungard Availability Services' Connect Plus for NetBond.

AT&T NetBond® allows you to connect your MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) to any cloud compute or cloud service provider (CSP) environment, such as Sungard Availability Services, for seamless access to your enterprise applications and data. Sungard Availability Services' Connect Plus for NetBond extends the benefit of NetBond into the Sungard Availability Services data centers and enhances the delivery of services. The result is a dynamic and resilient solution that spans the hybrid cloud and supports business continuity.

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Adapt to fluctuating IT demand
  • Attach cloud workloads dynamically to existing MPLS VPNs
  • Experience zero incremental costs when migrating workloads to the cloud
  • Minimize latency, increase reliability, and enable end-to-end Quality of Service
  • Maintain performance regardless of data load and end user devices
  • Implement enterprise-grade security