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What was the year in IT resilience like?

Our most popular cartoons from 2019 offered an interesting window into what topics resonated most with IT leaders. Here's a countdown of our top tech cartoons for 2019:

5. Keeping Track of Containers.


Many organizations don't actually know what's inside their containers, leaving them open to security vulnerabilities. While manually inspecting every container is near impossible, there are other security measures you can take to better maintain your container security.

4. Looking for Cloud Security.


Microsegmentation is such an important part of cloud security that IT professionals can't get it off their minds, no matter what kind of cloud they're looking at. Hopefully that leads to greater use of this security tactic.

3. Check in on Supply Chain Security.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the saying goes. And considering 61% of companies have had a third-party breach, there are a lot of weak chains out there. We looked at how companies can approach security with vendors and partners.

2. Who's in Charge of Security?


Security should be a high priority for every organization. Unfortunately, there's a serious shortage of quality cybersecurity professionals. This post offers strategies for overcoming the security skills shortage.

1. Moving to Colocation.


As more organizations adopt hybrid cloud, they're looking for new efficiencies and ways to turn capital expenses into operating expenses. Colocation can do exactly that. But not everyone is thrilled to move servers off premise. This post shows why fears of colocation are unfounded.

Breaking Down 2019

Colocation, cybersecurity and keeping track of containers were some of the biggest topics in resilience last year – if we're judging solely by cartoon popularity.

While the cartoons are meant to be humorous, the scenarios they address are no laughing matter and speak to very real challenges that many organizations faced in 2019.

Stay tuned for more IT cartoons in the new year!

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