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For more than two decades, GAVS Technologies has provided SAP application and infrastructure management services to Gerber Technology, a Connecticut-based provider of automated CAD/CAM solutions for industries including aerospace, apparel, furniture, and packaging.

GAVS Technologies (GAVS) - a global provider of IT consulting and systems integration services - has deep expertise in AI-based operations, predictive analytics, and robotics-led infrastructure management services. It uses its Zero Incident FrameworkTM approach to proactively detect incidents and resolve them with minimal human involvement.

The Challenge

Three years ago, when Gerber decided to migrate its SAP applications from mainframes to virtualized servers, GAVS enlisted Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) to host and manage the primary and secondary IT infrastructure and provide data replication services. GAVS continues to oversee the full SAP environment for Gerber, including application development and operations management, relying on Sungard AS to ensure rapid recovery of Gerber’s business-critical applications and data in the event of a disaster.

The teamwork between the companies is key. Gerber has a customer base that’s so intensely focused on time-to-market, it has little tolerance for disruption in its own business systems. Gerber relies on SAP applications to run nearly all its critical business operations and counts on GAVS Technologies to manage and evolve the SAP environment to keep pace with Gerber’s business growth and change.


“GAVS always looks for ways to delight our end-customers, so we asked Sungard AS for tools and proactive measures to help minimize incidents and better understand the status of every server at Gerber. They took us from a handful of critical incidents to zero in one month, the result of close collaboration and a deep understanding of the environment.”

-Arockia Jeya Sudhan, Consulting Manager, GAVS Technologies

The Solution

For its major system and data migration project, GAVS led the transition of the full suite of SAP applications from an IBM AIX environment to a virtualized infrastructure based on VMware and Red Hat Linux. GAVS provided the project management and system integration expertise to drive the four-month project, but for the underlying hardware, GAVS engaged Sungard AS to act as a subcontractor to host and manage a disaster-tolerant IT environment that would meet Gerber’s stringent requirements for system availability and data integrity.

A team from Sungard AS configured the new multi-site environment, with primary infrastructure hosted at the Sungard AS Philadelphia data center and recovery infrastructure at its Aurora, Colorado data center. Sungard AS managed the data migration to the new environment and now provides a dedicated network to enable data replication between the sites, capturing all changes to Gerber’s Oracle database in two geographically dispersed storage arrays.

The Sungard AS team supports GAVS and Gerber with its own proactive approach to infrastructure management, monitoring and reporting on key indicators including CPU and RAM use, network bandwidth, file system and capacity. They review all metrics in weekly check-in meetings and monthly service update meetings with GAVS. When values fall outside of specified ranges, Sungard AS and GAVS collaborate to diagnose and resolve the issue before it can impact Gerber’s operations.

Gerber’s continued business growth will soon push the solution to its operational limits, necessitating a move to a higher-capacity replication solution. To prepare for that day, GAVS and Sungard AS tested an alternate data replication approach based on AWS Cloud Endure. That solution, already packaged as a standard Sungard AS offering know as Cloud Recovery - AWS, has ample headroom to handle Gerber’s business growth and potential future acquisitions – and easily achieve Gerber’s specified RPO.


  • Collaboration between GAVS and Sungard AS delivers a nimble SAP environment with proven infrastructure resilienc
  • GAVS Zero Incident FrameworkTM approach applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and proactive measures to address incidents before they impact operations
  • Sungard AS multi-site infrastructure and data replication provide rapid failover and data recovery to meet stringent DR requirements

GAVS and Sungard AS continue to strengthen their collaboration as they support Gerber’s evolving needs. The GAVS team has numerous application development projects ongoing, helping Gerber to capitalize on the power of SAP to support the company’s laser focus on streamlined business operations. The Sungard AS team stays ahead of infrastructure health to assure the solid, uninterrupted service that powers Gerber’s daily business.

“We have many engagements in which we join forces with Sungard AS on the right solution, from bringing on new servers to upgrading infrastructure, to moving quickly into the AWS cloud – in any part of the world. Sungard AS continually provides us with ideas and solutions to make the customer experience better, which allows us to be a trusted advisor to Gerber,” added Arockia Jeya Sudhan from GAVS.

Read the full case study to learn more about the full GAVS Technologies solution with Sungard AS.

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