CashFac provides sophisticated cash management and reconciliation technology that enables its customers to handle complex operations involving high account and transactional volumes quickly and easily while ensuring compliance. Its Software as a Service product is sold both directly and indirectly through reseller banks with customers ranging from housing associations, clearing banks and property managers to governments, fund managers and wealth management platforms. 

Historically, CashFac’s infrastructure was hosted in a third party data centre in the Channel Islands but CashFac recognised a cloud-based managed service would better meet business needs. Following a thorough tendering process, CashFac partnered with Sungard AS to offer CashFac Cloud giving its customers fast access to fully scalable cash and client money solutions.

Because of Sungard we are now in a strong position to build this side of the business and react so much more quickly to market changes or customer demands.

Head of Managed Services, CashFac PLC





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