Since 1904, Children’s Bureau of Southern California has been a leader in child abuse prevention and treatment. Its staff of 315 serves more than 28,000 children and parents annually as it strives to create a world where every child grows up with endless possibilities and potential.

In a unique development, the nonprofit organization created a family assessment software tool in support of its services. Children’s Bureau sells the tool to other family support providers and the generated revenue supports the agency’s programs. In 2010, a web-based version was introduced. The tool uses software as a service (SaaS), a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a service provider – usually in the Cloud – and made available to customers.

About Children’s Bureau of Southern California

  • Headquarters: Los Angeles
  • Nonprofit organization serving children and families, which developed a software product to support the nonprofit business.
  • Employees: 315
  • More than 28,000 children, parents served annually
  • Uses Enterprise Cloud Services from Sungard Availability Services for SaaS hosting