Florida Hospital performs recovery tests twice a year, recovering more than 100 applications. The healthcare organization needed a recovery strategy that improved communication and efficiency, managed a complex change control process, and that would keep staff at home during a disaster. With only one data center and the use of an archaic tape backup process, Savanna’s IT team had concerns if a disaster were to hit. The company needed to ensure its data was safe with a reliable disaster recovery plan and wanted a partner to help manage its evolving network.

With electronic medical records, healthcare reforms, and an explosion in data volumes, healthcare organizations have become much more complex, and far more reliant on IT. These factors are leading many healthcare IT departments to take a more comprehensive approach to test management programs and recovery strategies.

Florida Hospital is the largest healthcare provider by the number of patients seen every year in a Medicare facility. The organization comprises seven distinct hospitals in the central Florida area, the largest of which is in downtown Orlando.

The hospital had selected Sungard Availability Services to provide disaster recovery services in 2003, when, according to Carl Minear, data center director at Florida Hospital, “It was simply a matter of shuttling tapes back and forth and spending days doing a recovery process.” “We were what you might call a ‘tapes and trucks’ kind of recovery program,” says Robert Goodman, disaster recovery coordinator at Florida Hospital.

About Florida Hospital

  • Headquarters: Orlando Florida
  • Not-for-profit healthcare provider with 22 campuses in Florida
  • Industry: Health Services
  • Sungard AS Solutions – Managed Recovery Services





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