Higher Ed firm FolderWave embodies the highest levels of SaaS and cloud evolution by partnering with Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) to handle everything from document management to tech-support – meeting the complex needs of Higher Education big data management.

Businesses that serve the Higher Education enrollment management industry must be able to manage large volumes of personal data and information, prioritizing security – all in an environment where transaction volumes are highly cyclical and date sensitive.

Success is further determined by an organization’s ability to deliver solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of each institution it serves. There is tremendous variability in the process of enrollment management from one school to another

Sungard AS Solutions

Private Cloud, Managed OS, Managed Tape Backup, Managed Network

Business benefits for FolderWave
  • Highly secure and reliable hosting environment
  • Private cloud to help store and safeguard critically private customer data
  • Flexible managed network for dynamic hybrid IT environment
  • Strong ROI for disaster recovery services
  • Ability to focus internal IT staff on business analytics and other value-add services

We knew our entire service delivery could be made or broken by this decision. We consider the relationship with Sungard AS a true partnership.

President, FolderWave