When your business is private equity, one of your most precious assets is email. So it goes with New York City-based Kelso & Company, a recognized leader in the field.

The firm has built a successful investment track record over the past 30 years, raising a total of eight private equity funds with commitments in excess of $9.8 billion. During that time, the Kelso funds have made over 110 investments, including more than 90 which have been exited.

Private equity is a business of critical moments. Strategic investments and large transactions can turn on a rapid sequence of interactions. Should an important message be lost or other forms of data become inaccessible, multi-million dollar deals can evaporate. When others are aggressively competing for equity stakes, any misstep can knock you out of contention.

Sungard AS Solutions
  • Recover2Cloud and Workgroup Recovery
Business benefits 
  • Dramatic reduction in data recovery times (4-hour service level guarantee)
  • Expanded resiliency in day to day operations
  • Real-time visibility into maintenance of Recovery Point Objectives
  • Enhanced reporting and stakeholder assurance
  • Helps ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines

The stakes are high. IT has never been more critical to the business. Deals are made over email. If our email system is down, we’re in trouble. If our IT services are down, it makes an impact on the business. It can be the difference between winning and losing

IT Consultant, Kelso & Company