My Visibility Tool (MVT) was originally developed in 2008 in-house as a track and trace system for customers of Metro Shipping. However, its capabilities were significantly enhanced and extended in 2011 to become the market-leading, standalone product it is today, supporting global collaboration throughout the supply chain and full purchase order and SKU management.

MVT’s numerous customers transport goods worldwide by air, road and sea and span a wide range of industries including retail, automotive and petrochemical. This end-to-end supply chain management system helps many of the most successful blue-chip companies globally manage their complex logistics and reduce transport lead times.

The MVT system is a neutral platform based on proven technology developed by logistics professionals to meet the specific needs of the logistics industry. It gives customers clear visibility into their supply chains and allows real-time collaboration between different supply chain partners. 

We have a reputation in the marketplace for being an innovative, best-in-class company. I don’t want to jeopardise that reputation built over many years and with Sungard AS I have the peace of mind that availability is never an issue.

Head of Product Development, MVT





Metro Shipping provides a full freight management service to a range of industries including retail, automotive, foodstuffs and petrochemical, transporting goods worldwide by air, road and sea.

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