Newhall Publications, a family business established in 1962, publishes Candis magazine, one of the most popular women’s magazines in the UK with a monthly circulation of almost 240,000. It has been a staunch believer in the benefits of business continuity planning since a water pipe burst in its server room many years ago, causing a flood that briefly put one of its key servers out of action. Although it was already looking into putting a business continuity (BC) plan in place, it was this incident that proved the catalyst to implement a comprehensive BC strategy.

Newhall recognised that it could not afford to suffer business disruption for an extended period. To do so would have a negative effect on its relationship with its customers, and in turn, its sales figures. It knew the key to customer retention was to ensure that its magazine was produced and delivered on time every month.

When choosing our business continuity partner we wanted a name we could trust. Sungard offered us the best value for money of all the providers we looked at. With its reputation, experience and infrastructure it was the obvious choice.

IT Director, Newhall Publications