When you’re the world leader in Freestyle Cruising and offer more than 250 itineraries and accommodations to suit everyone’s taste and budget, you’ve got to run a tight ship. For Norwegian Cruise Line, the innovator in cruise travel, this means ensuring the resiliency of its systems and technology and providing exceptional service to guests from the time they make their reservations to when they board the ship and during the cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line Chief Information Officer Vincent Cirel understands the critical role that resilient information and data systems play in securing just that. This explains why he believes you should never allow a single point of failure in any critical system. Hurricanes, natural disasters, or even a simple power failure can damage customers’ experiences and spark a loss of reputation (as well as future revenue). Disaster resiliency helps protect the business and its personnel. Norwegian sought to ensure that disasters – from natural to technical problems, security issues and other operational snafus – wouldn’t disrupt its complex environment: the core reservation system for its fleet of cruise ships.

Sungard AS has shown to be a flexible, responsive and agile partner that understands on a very detailed level exactly what we need — they understand our business.

Chief Information Officer, Norwegian