Carlstadt crl-410 data center

Carlstadt CRL-410 Data Center: 410 Commerce Boulevard, Carlstadt, NJ Contact us and book a tour

Data Center CRL-410 in Carlstadt, NJ

Building Features

  • 187,725 sq. ft. facility size
  • 93,850 sq. ft. raised floor
  • (6) Data Center rooms
  • (1) Network Operation Center
  • 800-plus miles of CAT-6 data cable
  • All areas are ADA-compliant


Environmental Controls

  • (2) two-hour fire wall surrounds entire data center
  • Protected by a pre-action sprinkler system
  • (112) 20-ton Liebert air conditioning units

Power Management

  • (3) 2,000 kW diesel generators
  • (5) 2,500 kVA diesel generators
  • 4,000 gallon fuel tank per generator effective for two days at current load
  • General Electric switches gear
  • (28) Liebert 750 KVA UPS Modules
  • ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Automatic Logic BMS monitoring system



  • Meshed, multi-vendor Internet transit connectivity
  • Multiple ILEC and CLEC access providers
  • Diverse path long haul access (public and private)
  • Diverse fiber entry and intra-building fiber paths
  • Dual customer physical handoffs (Copper, single-mode and multi-mode fiber)
  • Private production and recovery MPLS backbone access dedicated to Sungard AS subscriber traffic
  • Recovery-centric on-demand network service suite supporting a broad range of TDM and IP services
  • Integrated monitoring and management systems for comprehensive fault identification and remediation

Physical Security

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification
  • Integrated card reader security system
  • Biometric readers
  • Closed circuit TV throughout facility
  • Exterior security cameras
  • 24/7 Security Service