Santa Clara Data Center

Transform IT with cloud-centric infrastructure and connectivity


New Silicon Valley Data Center: Versatility Redefined

Our newest data center in Santa Clara, CA combines the innovation you expect from Silicon Valley with the versatility of a cloud-centric infrastructure. Facility features, location characteristics, and environmental controls come together with expansive connectivity options to provide an ideal environment for your most critical workloads.

Strategic location

Unmatched connectivity. This data center is purposefully located near major fiber routes and multiple power grids, so you can connect quickly to the infrastructures you rely on, delivering the flexibility demanded in today’s mixed environments. This includes high-speed connectivity to your on-premise infrastructure, major cloud providers, as well as direct links to our private network backbone for access to an array of Sungard AS services.

Ease of recoverability. Production systems hosted at the Santa Clara data center can be readily integrated with our award-winning cloud recovery service to create a holistic environment where recovery can keep up with complex production changes. Ease of failover to our Scottsdale facility leads to the hiccup-free performance that you need.

Santa Clara Data Center Connectivity

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Ideal foundation for Hosted Private Cloud

The Silicon Valley data center is built to support hybrid IT operations. It is particularly well suited for our Hosted Private Cloud solution, which is sure to extend and complement your hybrid infrastructure strategy to deliver the business results you want.  

Video: Sungard AS Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT Services
See how Sungard AS can empower your hybrid IT or multi-cloud strategy

Security to count on. Built for secure business operations, this data center is ideal for your private cloud needs. Use our Hosted Private Cloud solutions to protect the most sensitive data, where dedicated compute, storage and networking resources in an isolated environment help meet the data protection and regulatory compliance needs of your business

Accelerated performance. Get the performance advantages of dedicated resources and high-speed networking. Faster applications and speedier access to data hastens the flow of business and delivers the service level agreements (SLAs) your internal and external clients demand.

Flexibility. From partial to fully dedicated, our private cloud environment allows a customizable set of compute, storage and networking elements—so you have the freedom to choose the degree of infrastructure isolation that makes sense for your needs. A wide range of flexible managed services are also available to match your IT resource capabilities, allowing you to spend more time using the cloud than maintaining the cloud, and enabling you to focus on delivering innovation back to the business.

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Why Sungard AS

Why Sungard AS?

Sungard AS has core capabilities in hybrid IT to manage and integrate your heterogeneous infrastructure and your most complex IT environment from legacy to new, physical to cloud.

Our world-class engineers and consulting staff help you address the full spectrum of issues in the IT lifecycle, from assessing your needs to designing and implementing solutions that optimize your hybrid environment for each application and workload.

Our broad ranges of services and award-winning recovery solutions combine with our vendor-agnostic approach to deliver a one-stop solution for even the most challenging IT needs.