North America


45 data and recovery locations worldwide and 5 million square feet of hardened, secure operations space.


Boston Data Center (BOS-70)

Sungard AS offers colocation and managed IT services at our BOS-70 data center in Somerville, MA. Located just northwest of Boston, the 10,000 square foot facility features cage-to-cabinet colocation in a secure, climate-controlled environment with full connectivity and highly redundant power management.

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Marlborough Workgroup (MA-250)

Our 62,000 square foot data center in Marlborough, MA features 23,000 square feet of raised floor in a semi-bunkered building design with a command center and customer conference rooms. Security features include integrated card reader system and closed-circuit TV throughout, backed by ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. With over 100+ miles of CAT-5 data cable, this data center offers network connectivity with other Sungard AS facilities for maximum flexibility. 

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Marlborough Workgroup (MA-260)

Our data center in Marlborough, MA features 600 furnished work stations, 10 securable work areas and full network connectivity with Sungard AS facilities. The 60,000 sq. ft. building is secured by an integrated card reader security system, closed circuit TV and 24/7 security service. Environmental controls include 32 CRAC units, VESDA smoke detectors and multi-zone sprinker system. 

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New Jersey

Carlstadt, NJ Data Center (CRL-410)

  • 187,725 sq. ft. facility size
  • 93,850 sq. ft. raised floor
  • (6) Data Center rooms
  • (1) Network Operation Center
  • 800-plus miles of CAT-6 data cable

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Carlstadt, NJ Data Center (CRL-760)

  • 172,000 sq. ft. Recovery Center
  • 750 Seat Workforce Continuity capability
  • Multiple customer accessibility
  • Conference rooms, office space and lounge area
  • Support for mainframe, distributed and LAN systems

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Carlstadt, NJ Data Center (CRL-777)

  • 326,000 sq. ft. facility size
  • 40,000 sq. ft. raised floor (MS), 132,000 sq. ft. (RS)
  • (8) Mainframe tape rooms
  • (12) Mid-range tape rooms
  • (26) Universal command centers

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New York

New York City Workgroup

  • 98,000 sq. ft. recovery center
  • (242) Shared recovery seats
  • (3) Shared recovery rooms
  • Multiple customer accessibility
  • Conference rooms, office space and lounge area

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Philadelphia Data Center (PHL-401)

  • 1,160,000 sq. ft. facility size
  • 557,135 sq. ft. AS leased space
  • 230,000 sq. ft. raised floor
  • (300) Furnished work stations
  • 200+ lbs per sq. ft. floor load

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Philadelphia Data Center (PHL-1500)

  • 1,080,544 sq. ft. facility size
  • 123,356 sq. ft. leased space (61,000 sq. ft. planned expansion)
  • 19,000 sq. ft. raised floor (IDC 1)
  • 6,500 sq. ft. raised floor (IDC 3A)
  • 12,200 sq. ft. raised floor (IDC 3B)

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