IT Services for Healthcare

Healthcare companies are challenged with complex technology environments and networks composed of hundreds of application providers...yet every application, every transaction, and every integration has to function flawlessly. Efforts to streamline business operations and improve quality of care are often hindered by a lack of funds caused by factors such as reduced reimbursements, regulatory compliance, and ongoing technology migrations. And on top of it all is the constant pressure for guaranteed availability and resiliency, because downtime means more than the loss of revenue - it can mean an impact to patient safety or even loss of life.

At Sungard Availability Services, we partner with healthcare organizations every day. We apply our deep expertise with hospital workflows and Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications such as Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH to design, build, and run production environments that function as intended.

Untangling Healthcare IT

A visual sketch of the typical Healthcare IT environment would be overwhelming in its complexity. Multiple applications on numerous technologies interface within the organization and with outside partners and parties. Healthcare IT departments are typically understaffed, making it difficult or impossible to manage this complexity. The result is often:

  • Subpar recoverability which can potentially impact patient wellness outcomes, organizational reputation, and revenue.
  • A heavy dependency on SaaS and/or application providers to provide critical IT solutions, many of which have untested or unknown disaster recovery and/or business continuity capabilities.
  • Frustration due to application provider reluctance to support virtualization efforts.

Sungard Availability Services has decades of experience structuring and streamlining complex IT environments for Healthcare IT clients - environments that contain both virtualized applications and systems that cannot be virtualized (mainframes, AIX, etc.). Our experts work around the clock to support Healthcare IT departments that do not have the resources necessary to onboard and maintain cutting-edge systems. We understand how to orchestrate numerous SaaS capabilities, all of which must be always on, always available, and always compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, NIST- 800-53 and other industry regulations.

We will work with you to assess your crucial applications and business processes for strengths and vulnerabilities, identify the downtime tolerances of the organization, and design a production environment that empowers you to serve your patients with the care they deserve.

Identifying the Risks that Reside in Healthcare IT Environments

Your healthcare enterprise relies on three pillars - the quality of your patient care, the effectiveness of your business resiliency, and your organization's solid reputation. Cracks in your Healthcare IT foundation can harm the stability of these pillars.



Upholding The Best Patient Care Standards


A crash of Sutter Health's nearly $1 billion electronic health record system in August 2013 left its California hospitals and doctor's offices without access to patient records for a full day. What would a similar episode cost your business in terms of patient well-being? Organizational reputation? The financial bottom line?

Millions of clinical records, coding systems, and health data applications are now securely stored, actively managed, and highly available through Sungard Availability Services. Your organization can experience the same consistent, reliable availability.


Achieving And Maintaining Compliance Standards


Healthcare IT organizations are bound by HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, NIST 800-53, and other regulatory compliance standards. Sungard Availability Services is intimately familiar with these requirements, building them into infrastructure, cloud, and managed application services solutions. We help these organizations assess their level of compliance, remediate gaps, and pass compliance audits.


Experience Matters


Healthcare IT benefits from a network of partnerships and alliances through Sungard Availability Services since we maintain:

  • Technology Alliances with companies such as EMC and Cisco.
  • Solution Partnerships with Presidio, AT&T, and others.
  • Alliances with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) such as MedAssets, GNYHA, and Amerinet.