Application Agility Services

Optimizing Architecture for Application Delivery

Applications are at the core of business today. The pressure is on to manage applications efficiently – including ERP, eCommerce, and CRM applications – while simultaneously developing new or updated applications to streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the obstacles to agile application delivery are significant. Many enterprises are still tied to development platforms that are siloed and expensive to maintain, slowing down development work. The level of complexity in most organizations is very high, with a mix of on-premise and off-premise applications, legacy and new applications, and an almost unmanageable amount of data. Application performance may be suboptimal due to poor integrations, infrastructure issues, and under-utilization.

As a result, costs climb, control fragments, and efficiency drops. At Sungard Availability Services, we can reverse each of those trends with a flexible platform that delivers application agility across the entire application lifecycle.

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Optimizing Architecture For Application Delivery

An Always-On, Unified Platform

Sungard Availability Services offers you an agile platform for your applications – a platform optimized and customized for your business needs. Encompassing infrastructure, cloud, and recovery requirements, our platform will:

  • Expedite test and development needs. Provision and deploy applications in minutes, not days.
  • Minimize storage expenses. Eliminate copies and avoid unnecessary storage purchases.
  • Increase application release cycles. Move new and updated applications into production quickly for a competitive advantage.
  • Save money. Optimize costs of availability, compute, and data resources while reducing risk.
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate redundancy. Provides a single environment for all non-production environments such as dev/test, UAT, BC/DR, analytics, snapshot, and archive.

Our always-on infrastructure will give you confidence in knowing that your applications are running at top efficiency with high availability and recoverability, allowing you to focus your energies on your core business.

Reasserting Control

Control is imperative for applications to be developed and managed effectively. But given the hundreds of applications a business may need to function, plus the myriad players who touch those applications across their lifecycle, control is often tenuous at best.

Sungard Availability Services will help you reassert control over your applications. Security is built-in across data, infrastructure, and compute. As a managed platform, we will partner with you to handle additional complexities of change and configuration management related to network and legacy IT systems.

Achieving Speed

Traditionally, application deployment has taken two to four weeks. Application development can easily take months. Neither situation is acceptable in today's business environment.

With Sungard Availability Services' agile platform, you can compress the application deployment timeline to mere minutes through a virtualized data process that can handle any number of copies of databases of any size. Application development is accelerated as well, because you can instantly provision the production data needed to emulate real-world situations. With such agility at your fingertips, you gain a competitive advantage through superior application performance, increased customer satisfaction, and faster time to market.

Multiplying Value

Sungard Availability Services' platform not only delivers application agility: it also provides complete data protection and application resiliency through industry-leading Recover2Cloud technologies and copy data virtualization. The workload design can switch dynamically between test/dev, disaster recovery, and analytics, driven by both planned and unplanned business events. This flexibility is good news for your IT budget as it multiplies the value you receive from your agile platform.