Applications fail, not just the infrastructure where they reside.

True application resiliency comes from implementing a program purpose built to leverage all the resiliency tools in the IT toolkit:

  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Backup and Recovery architecture
  • Security posture
  • Governance and Change Management

These rules universally apply, regardless of where your data transformation journey takes you: private cloud or hyperscale cloud like AWS. But having the expertise and resources to execute effectively is where many organizations find they need help.

This is where Sungard AS can help. With our 40+ year heritage in recovery, we are bringing our expertise to AWS, and helping customers navigate transformation by aligning application priorities and budget, with the right resiliency approach and SLA backed solutions on AWS.

We know AWS recovery. We know AWS resiliency. Do you?

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AWS re:Invent Partners Theater Session

Date: Wednesday, November 28
Time: 2:10 PM
Location: Kumo Theater

Architecting for Application Resiliency on AWS.
Architecting for true application and business resiliency is more than just leveraging resilient infrastructure.  Understanding the importance of balancing application complexities, dependencies and adaptability with the competing challenges of cost and availability are the key components to building a resilient cloud transformation that maximizes the benefits your organization can experience on AWS.  Sungard AS will share thought leadership on these building blocks for success as well as walk through how one customer has implemented this approach to map the criticality of their applications to the appropriate level of resiliency on AWS.

Nicole Hoyle, Principal Consulting Services & Girish Dadge, Director Product Management


Sungard AS Cloud Recovery Podcast Series

Welcome to the Sungard AS Cloud Recovery podcast series. During these four podcasts, you will hear about the AWS Cloud Transformation Maturity Model (CTMM), that maps the maturity of an IT organization’s process, people, and technology capabilities, as they move through the four stages of the journey to the AWS Cloud: project, foundation, migration, and optimization. The objective of the CTMM is to help enterprise IT organizations, such as yours, understand the significant challenges they might face as they adopt AWS, learn best practices and activities to handle those challenges, and recognize the signs of maturity or expected outcomes to gauge their maturity and readiness at every stage.

At each stage, recoverability and resiliency of workloads is paramount. In this series, we will demonstrate how Sungard AS can help you improve your resiliency posture through the extension of our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) portfolio applying our 40 years of successfully recovering customers, to the AWS cloud.