Data availability and protection aren’t just operational must-haves, they’re a competitive edge. Whether your systems are down from a devastating natural disaster or a mundane hardware failure, IT disruption and data loss can impact your business, your customers’ trust and your good reputation.

But the reality is, the majority of organizations that orchestrate their own resilience and recovery programs  run into trouble, failing to meet their availability and recovery objectives. Why?

Because disaster recovery often takes a back seat to day-to-day administrative tasks or growth initiatives. Hybrid IT environments also create multiple potential points of failure. And plans, policies and procedures often fail to keep pace with changes to the production environment. Further, when critical data isn't refreshed and ready for restoration, business can grind to a halt.

A comprehensive data availability strategy 

For all these reasons, Sungard AS takes a holistic approach to recovery, starting with protecting your data. We make a copy of your production data, move it to a safe location and store it in the most suitable, secure format for recovery and archiving. With three Sungard AS options to choose from, you can meet your data availability and protection needs.

Choose data replication to meet your most aggressive get-back-to-business goals for mission-critical data and backup and vaulting solutions for less urgent recovery requirements. Then, take advantage of our Managed Backup – AWS solution to back up data from your on-premise systems locally and in the AWS cloud.

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