Your data is the foundation for disaster recovery, whether the disaster in question is a single missing file or the disruption of your entire production site. That's why missed, incomplete or unusable backups are a tremendous liability for your company.

While Sungard AS Data Replication Services are ideal for your mission-critical data with 4-12 hour recovery time objectives (RTOs), you may not need such aggressive timelines for your other information assets. That’s when Sungard AS Backup and Vaulting Services come into play.

Reap the benefits of backup and vaulting every day

Our cloud-based Backup and Vaulting Services provide complete data protection with recovery time and recovery point goals between 24-48 hours. Plus, online backup and vaulting gives you long-term data retention for storing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly copies of your data going back in time.

Consider Managed Backup-AWS for the scale, cost-efficiency and power of public cloud data storage, with fast data restoration from a local appliance. It features customizable backup schedules and policies, usage-based pricing for offsite data stored in AWS and a 98% SLA success rate for scheduled backup jobs and restore requests.

No matter which Sungard AS Backup and Vaulting Service you choose, we are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and management of your data retention. We offer the industry's broadest portfolio of availability services, with all the elements you need to remain resilient in the face of any disaster or disruption.

  • Based on a pay-per-use cloud-consumption model

  • Massively scalable to meet growing needs

  • Platform agnostic to support virtual machines, legacy mainframes and servers

  • Backed by robust service level agreements (SLAs)

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