For too long, testing your disaster recovery plan has been a once or twice a year exercise, conducted by a siloed team performing a time-bound project. It’s little wonder that many organizations fail to meet their recovery objectives. 

When it comes to an IT disaster – whether natural or man-made – the big question is: can you recover? Many organizations believe that with a fixed budget and a well-staffed IT department, they're better off implementing a managed disaster recovery program in-house. Unfortunately, companies often underestimate the cost and resource burden associated with running a full-blown IT recovery program.

For complete recovery, you need a complete recovery solution

Disaster recovery management shouldn't be a standalone effort, but woven into the ongoing fabric of production IT availability - especially considering the highly changeable, infinitely complex hybrid IT environments of today. Recovery plans also need to include more than just technology.

That’s why organizations depend on Sungard AS for recovery program management. For a successful recovery, we look beyond technology to the people and processes involved across your organization. And, we’ve leveraged this proven approach to support well over 3,000 recoveries since 1990.

When testing their recovery environments, Sungard AS customers experience 2.5x better test success rates than the industry average.1

Take a load off

It’s a simple fact: You can’t recover what you don’t know about. That’s why we use Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) to create a blueprint of your IT estate, including hardware, applications and dependencies—all key to a fast and full recovery.

We can assume responsibility for your recovery under our Managed Recovery Program (MRP). Sungard AS experts develop your recovery plans and procedures, keep them in sync with changes in your production environment and completely manage the testing of application recovery plans.

Our patented Recovery Execution Systems (RES) technology automates over 90% of recovery processes, including hybrid environments and process elements, which means that you can recover the business—not just the technology—with Sungard AS. Why trust your recovery to anyone else?


  • Complete recovery readiness.

    We provide a dedicated Technical Service Delivery Manager, develop and document recovery procedures, then manage recovery during an event or test. Avoid potential problems with post-test reports and reviews, along with monthly and quarterly status reporting.

  • The right application, the right order.

    Our automated DDM mapping tool gathers and stores information about your production hardware and applications, including dependencies. We help you rank your applications and data, according to business criticality, and design services that prioritize uptime by application.

  • Cost control. 

     Our tiered approach to recovery helps you avoid more expensive one-size-fits-all strategies.

  • Application-focused recovery.

    Our patented Recovery Execution Systems (RES) technology automates over 90% of recovery processes. If disruption or disaster occurs, we restore applications and set them up to perform as expected to ensure availability.  

1Source: Based on a study conducted by DRI International in May 2017.

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