Now, IT is more complex than ever before. Your applications may reside in a mix of physical and cloud environments, provided in-house or by multiple external providers. Complexity grows as transformation changes the IT landscape and cloud transitions continue—further complicated as employees use devices, software and services completely without your knowledge. On top of this are ongoing shifts in the business environment that impact IT requirements. 

We thought we had more infrastructure/apps than DDM said we had, so it justified the expense of the discovery mapping in cost savings so we did not over-scope our DR solution

VP of IT, DDM Customer

Get a single version of the IT truth

The question is: How do you get an accurate account of your IT landscape amidst this sprawl a single version of the truth is needed to successfully manage, leverage and recover your environment? The answer is Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) from Sungard AS.

This automated tool quickly delivers a true current and ongoing picture of your production environment—including devices, servers, applications and their dependencies—for enhanced visibility into, and control over, your entire IT ecosystem.

Clear visibility into your IT environment

  • Get a current snapshot.

    Automated scanning discovers all IT assets and applications to create an accurate, auditable account of your production environment.

  • Reveal dependencies. 

    One small change can impact your entire IT ecosystem and the mission-critical applications and processes it supports. The DDM tool documents these dependencies, so you can avoid disruption as changes occur across the production environment.

  • Have an on-going record for recovery. 

    With a full understanding of your environment, you can ensure protection as you plan and configure a recovery solution—right-sized to avoid over-provisioning and to meet your unique needs. Scan on a regular basis to keep primary and recovery environments aligned for a fully recoverable production environment.

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