Simplify your complex hybrid IT environment

Organizations today are sparking innovation, and delivering growth, using the power of cloud. From advanced analytics to artificial intelligence, the possibilities are limitless. But as these benefits have accrued, new challenges emerge. While many were drawn by the promise of lower costs, wastage and overprovisioning have led to the opposite; and a dearth of internal skills and expertise have constrained the cloud’s full benefits. Likewise, the challenge and complexity of multi-cloud environments - which 84% of organizations aspire to adopt - have meant organizations have forgone many of the advantages the cloud can bring about. This is where Sungard AS can help. 

A leader in delivering resilient, complex IT environments

With 40 years delivering resilient, complex IT environments - Sungard AS has the experience to ensure resilience and cloud optimization from the start. With services ranging from colocation to managed hosting, private and public cloud environments - we have the breadth of portfolio to cover all possible use cases, legacy or otherwise.

Our approach is comprehensive. We help you on your journey to the cloud, ensuring the right destination for the right workload - and the right level of optimization when migrated. At the same time, our heritage in resilience ensures complete business continuity - so that your organisation can continue to leverage the power of technology to seize opportunities, drive growth and realise its strategic objectives.

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