(Full width WYSIWYG Block)Given a choice, every organization would want a state-of-the-art data center with plenty of expansion capacity to run its IT environment. But most organizations lack the budget or in-house expertise to run a facility equipped with the heating, cooling, power, network connectivity and redundancy required for always-on operations. The capital outlay alone would be prohibitive.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Colocation from Sungard AS

Flexible pricing, no long-term commitments and 100% SLA-backed availability in a 24/7 secure facility.

Data centers are budget busters. Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive state-of-the-art data center of your own anymore. With Sungard AS Colocation Services, you can have the same state-of-the-art experience by leasing space in one of our data centers instead.

  • Predictable cost structure

    You get the availability, security and performance of an enterprise-class data center at a predictable subscription cost. No need for capital outlays and no surprises. You choose which of our global network of datacenters to use, and add services as needed.

  • Higher availability

    Thanks to built-in redundancy at our facilities, our SLAs include a 100% guarantee for power. This minimizes single points of failure that can cause downtime and hurt productivity and profits.

  • Expert support

    Our infrastructure management experts focus on problem prevention, capacity management and business continuity through 24/7 monitoring, management and support. Depending on your service contract, you can get support ranging from Level 1 support to full technical, administrative and engineering expertise to support your infrastructure.

With colocation, you're still in control

Colocation addresses two pressing requirements for organizations:

  1. space for current and future IT needs;
  2. a home for workloads that aren’t yet ready for the cloud.

Sungard AS Colocation Services take care of both.

Our enterprise-class facilities support your hybrid IT needs today and provide the foundation for future cloud migration. Workloads that aren’t cloud ready can reside in a secure facility with plenty of room for expansion as your environment grows. And with our flexible contracts using colocation as a stepping-stone to the cloud becomes even easier.

With Colocation Services, you retain control of your IT environment. A web portal gives you access and visibility to your applications while a skilled team of IT professionals maintains the environment to ensure top performance. 

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