The future is multi-cloud

Multi-cloud environments are the future, which explains why 84% of organizations currently have a multi-cloud strategy. The benefits are clear: Fast provisioning and scalability on demand let you map IT resources to current business needs while laying the foundation for future deployments. 

Clouds, however, differ in functionality, features and capability. Choosing the right cloud for each workload takes thought and planning. Why go it alone? Sungard AS can help. 

Managed cloud services simplify IT complexity  

With so many cloud options available, it makes sense to have a multi-cloud strategy. This is the new IT reality, but it’s hard to manage multi-cloud environments without the requisite in-house skills. Sungard AS has the expertise and experience to deliver an agile, stable and resilient multi-cloud environment. Whether you use our Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) or our Managed AWS offering, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduce Complexity

    Reduce complexity. Simplify management of your cloud environment to control costs, maximize utilization and enjoy enterprise-level support. 

  • Build Resilience

    Deliver stability and data protection across cloud-based platforms with solutions addressing both production and recovery scenarios.

  • Enhance agility

    Adapt your hybrid IT environment by leveraging the latest cloud features and capabilities to support your organization’s changing needs and strategic goals.

Choosing the right IT environment can be daunting. Sungard AS makes it easier. We help you assess your needs and recommend destinations for your specific workloads, whether they run on x.86 environments or complex enterprise platforms such as Oracle or SAP. That done, we migrate your applications and manage them going forward to ensure you get the best performance and value from your hybrid IT environment. 

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