The overwhelming majority of organizations – 94%1 – are using the cloud. Yet many still fret over data security and control. Organizations want assurances that mission-critical workloads are secure and compliant with regulations governing access and storage.

Security, control and performance

Sungard AS’s private cloud solutions, powered by VMware technology, combine the cloud’s scalability and agility with the security, control and performance of a fully dedicated environment.

And while organizations are trusting more and more workloads to the cloud, it’s not an “out of sight, out of mind” proposition. They want to retain control over data, get easy access when needed, and expect performance – even when data resides in multi-tenant environments where “noisy neighbors” can affect bandwidth and performance. 

These are all great reasons to leverage private cloud solutions from Sungard AS.

Benefits of private cloud solutions from Sungard AS

  • Protect your data

    An isolated environment with dedicated compute, storage and network resources protects your data and ensures regulatory compliance.

  • Manage costs

    Subscription-based pricing means you get no surprise charges.

  • Increase control

    You decide how, where and when to provision and match cloud resources to specific workloads and applications.

  • Ensure performance

    A single-tenant environment makes performance more predictable since you don’t have to compete with other tenants for resources.

  • Gain peace of mind

    With Sungard AS as your private cloud provider, you get a secure hosted private cloud service, which when integrated with our award-winning cloud-based recovery offerings, adds resilience to your environment.


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