Launching new services used to take a lot more time and resources, often forcing organizations to make tough choices on which projects to pursue. Thanks to the cloud’s flexibility, cost-effectiveness and fast deployment, what used to require months or years now can take only days.

This opens up nearly endless possibilities for innovation, especially for organizations using Amazon Web Services (AWS). As the cloud leader, AWS provides a solid foundation for new services with its scalability, reliability, rich features and ease of use. With AWS, getting started with the cloud is quick and effective.

But as the use of AWS in your hybrid IT environment grows, sprawl and compliance issues can occur, causing management nightmares if left unaddressed. That’s why you need Sungard AS’s Managed Cloud – AWS solutions.

Let us manage and secure your AWS solutions

Simple, secure and integrated

Managed Cloud – AWS solutions from Sungard AS provide the tools to provision and manage AWS resources in a simple, secure, integrated model for cross-platform deployments. The solutions simplify management and provide compliance, scalability and availability.

Managed Cloud - AWS solutions

  • Simplify management

    Our AWS-certified experts can manage your AWS environment, from deployment to monitoring to incident resolution.

  • Strengthen security and compliance

    Sungard AS helps you achieve PCI compliance and standardize configurations and security policies in every AWS account.

  • Deliver Consistency

    A common toolset across your hybrid IT deployment lets you provision, access and manage your AWS and private cloud resources with a single set of credentials.

  • Build confidence

    With Sungard AS as your trusted partner, you can rest assured you are working with a provider that helps you make the right decisions. We bring our experience and expertise to every decision. Sungard AS is a designated AWS Managed Service Provider Storage Competency Partner.

Award-winning recovery solutions

To ensure resilience in your environment, you can integrate Managed Cloud Services – AWS with our award-winning recovery solutions. So you get the expertise of managing a hybrid IT infrastructure with the peace of mind of a protected environment.


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