Keeping up with the relentless pace of technology change is always a challenge. For UK public sector organizations, it means delivering reliable, secure and optimized digital services on a tight budget. The pressure to keep costs down is just as relentless.

Like any private business, government organizations need to migrate legacy applications to the cloud and find ways to efficiently manage workloads. But public sector agencies face unique migration challenges, thanks to data protection and compliance demands that require skills and expertise often unavailable in-house. Sungard AS can help. Our UK Sovereign services are designed to support high-security government requirements.

Let us manage and secure your cloud services

Matching public services to community needs takes a fine balance of responsiveness, security and resilience – all of which are possible with Sungard AS UK Sovereign Cloud offerings. We deliver a private cloud service, Managed Cloud Services for UK Government, and a public cloud service, Managed Cloud - AWS, UK Sovereign.

Both comply with “official” and “official sensitive” regulatory standards. UK Sovereign services combine the agility of Amazon Web Services with the security and control the public sector needs. And you don’t have to purchase or manage the infrastructure. We manage it for you.

Managed Cloud Services for UK Government, provided by Sungard Availability Services, simplifies migration of classified data to the public cloud and lets you access a feature-rich AWS ecosystem in compliance with the NCSC 14 cloud security principles. 

Both services help you:

  • Run applications in a resilient, Public Service Network-connected AWS region

  • Simplify and accelerate cloud migration

  • Host applications on a scalable, enterprise-class managed AWS environments

  • Manage hybrid IT

  • Support “cloud first” initiatives

  • Secure Government-grade hosting

    Sungard AS UK Sovereign Cloud delivers protects your most sensitive data with a service built for the UK. Our cloud platforms are located in our Crown Campus, a secure Government-grade Crown Hosting environment.

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