Technology has changed everything. Digital solutions are creating new opportunities and expectations. As a result, public sector organizations in the UK are under pressure to meet “cloud first” goals and digitize operations to deliver always-on citizen services.

To accelerate delivery of digital services, many in the public sector are looking to Amazon Web Services for cost-effective solutions. But this takes more than flipping a switch. It requires planning and paying close attention to data protection and regulatory compliance. 

It’s a big challenge. Most public sector organizations lack the in-house skills for an efficient, safe transition to the cloud. But that shouldn’t stop you – as long as you take advantage of Sungard AS Managed Cloud – AWS, UK Sovereign services.

Building and managing a cloud infrastructure is too big a challenge for many public sector organizations. Budgets are tight, and compliant platforms and skills are scarce. You need Sungard AS Managed Cloud – AWS, UK Sovereign services. 

We manage the infrastructure so you can focus on your core work. Our services combine the agility of AWS with the security and control public services require. Here’s what Managed Cloud – AWS, UK Sovereign delivers:

  • Run workloads in a sovereign service environment.

     Your applications and data reside in an AWS-approved and Public Service Network (PSN)-connected UK-based region supported by UK-based personnel with Security Clearance.

  • Meet security and compliance requirements.

    You can be confident your data is classified as official and protected in accordance with security regulations.

  • Simplify cloud migration.

    An experienced Sungard AS security-cleared project team manages and accelerates your migration.

  • Rely on a resilient infrastructure. 

    Sungard AS hosts your applications on a scalable AWS platform built for always-on service delivery.

  • Support ‘cloud first’ initiatives. 

    Sungard AS delivers government-approved services to support your cloud objectives.

  • Manage hybrid IT.

    We help determine which new and legacy applications work in a managed AWS environment and modify those that aren’t a good fit.

  • Leverage a proven approach.

    We’ve built a track record of trust and effectiveness working with over 120 public sector organizations.

  • Enjoy always-on support. 

    Sungard AS offers certified implementation and operational support 24/7.

Managed Cloud – Amazon Web Services

If you have workloads better suited to a public cloud, we offer a public cloud solution, Managed Cloud – Amazon Web Services with comprehensive resiliency options. Sungard AS also offers a range of solutions for SAP and SAP HANA hosting requirements. Sungard AS is SAP Certified and follows SAP best practices.

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