As a recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service1 with nearly 40 years of experience, Sungard AS knows how to deliver and manage resilient, recoverable IT environments.  

That’s why we’re uniquely positioned to leverage AWS cloud storage resources to provide solutions specifically designed to meet your data protection and recovery needs.

Cloud Recovery - AWS from Sungard AS makes the AWS cloud your recovery destination, while our new Managed Backup - AWS solution provides the data protection you need for greater compliance and cost control.

Both offerings are SLA-backed and fully managed by Sungard AS, so you can have the storage solutions and the expertise you need for resilient business operations.

AWS Managed Service Provider

After meeting the criteria of a rigorous independent audit, Sungard AS attained the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner designation and now possess the Storage Competency designation. Less than 1% of the Amazon Partner Network have MSP status. The AWS Storage Competency Partner status demonstrates success in helping customers manage the recovery and backup of their cloud environments.

Cloud Recovery - AWS from Sungard AS

This managed recovery service from Sungard AS leverages the power of AWS Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) and AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) at time of test or disaster. It combines the infrastructure flexibility, scale and reach of AWS with the proven recovery processes, methodologies and expertise of Sungard AS. As a result, you can:

Reduce risk and complexity. Sungard AS designs, builds, tests, manages and monitors the AWS recovery environment for you, replicating server data from on-premise physical x86, private cloud (VMware or Hyper-V) and Azure assets, as well as server data located in other AWS regions.

Automate and speed recovery. Production data replicates on Amazon EBS, so you can recover the most current data. Automated orchestration spins up instances quickly, while an SLA RTO of 4 hours (for up to 250 workloads) means faster access. AWS region-to-region recovery is as low as 15 minutes, while on-premise-to-AWS recovery for VMware, Hyper-V and physical x86 systems takes as little as 45 minutes.

Transform your recovery experience. Our AWS-certified disaster recovery experts use best practice ITIL methodologies to help define your needs, assess your readiness, and prioritize applications and workloads for recovery—followed by implementation, testing and ongoing recovery plan management.

Managed Backup - AWS from Sungard AS

This data protection solution offers the best of both worlds: It backs up data to local storage appliances at your site and to the AWS cloud. As a result, you can unify your data protection requirements while you simplify and speed data restoration and recovery.

A range of managed services. From requirements gathering to process flow mapping, configuration, implementation and testing to overall management of local backup and cloud storage assets, Sungard AS manages this backup solution for you. Restore data yourself or have Sungard AS do it for you.

Budget-friendly, flexible backup. With AWS cloud backup resources and a Sungard AS-supplied backup appliance onsite, it’s no longer necessary to buy backup hardware or to refresh legacy systems. This solution easily adapts and scales up or down for changing needs.

Align backup and business needs. Support a tiered restoration strategy based on the criticality of specific workloads and how quickly they need to be restored. Keep a copy of mission-critical data on site for rapid restoration and recovery and use the AWS cloud as a secondary backup source or to cost-effectively meet long-term data retention needs.

AWS storage solutions in action

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The Simplicity of a Single AWS Provider

The Sungard AS Amazon Web Services (AWS) portfolio includes Cloud Recovery -AWS and Managed Backup - AWS, as well as Managed Cloud - AWS for everyday production systems. As a result, our customers can have the resilient and recoverable IT environment they need, with the convenience of working with a single vendor for a range of AWS services.

1Forrester WaveTM Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service Providers report, Q2 2017.