In baseball, a grand slam occurs when a player hits a home run when the bases are loaded, scoring four points in one fell swoop – the most possible in a single play. Sungard Availability Services hit a grand slam of its own at the Cisco Partner Summit 2015 in Montreal, Canada, winning four distinct awards in four geographic regions:

  • Americas Cloud Partner of the Year
  • Canadian Cloud Partner of the Year
  • Marketing Velocity Innovator of the Year
  • UK and Ireland Solution Innovation Partner of the Year

These awards demonstrate not only the global nature of our partnership with Cisco – touching the U.S., Canada, the UK and Ireland – but the depth of our work, spanning product development, marketing and sales. This speaks to the changing nature of our relationship with Cisco.

Sungard AS has worked with Cisco for more than 15 years, becoming one of its trusted partners for cloud environments and other innovative solutions to help customers achieve their business goals. Our efforts to support robust cloud architectures around the world have gained much attention from Cisco for innovation and reliability.

Sungard AS is a steadfast supporter of the Cisco Intercloud, and is designing cloud environments for its customers using the Intercloud fabric as a key building block. The training and preparation for Intercloud were worth all the hard work, as our mutual customers can now reap the rewards of a Cisco cloud ecosystem that offers more choice of infrastructure, applications, industry expertise and geographic coverage.

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