Case Study

Managed Oracle Services allows Mitsui Foods Inc. to focus on e-Commerce Business Objectives

For food service organizations, national restaurants, grocery stores and more, Mitsui Foods Inc. is the global connection to the world of food. With a worldwide network, domestic distribution centers and a strong dedication to quality and innovation, Mitsui Foods has been importing staple and specialty food products from around the world since 1953.

And it doesn’t do it alone. The food and beverage importer relies on technology partners and continuous technology innovation, the value of which is appreciated by its executive team.

Partnering for Business Solutions

Five years ago Mitsui Foods saw the need to consolidate the enterprise resource planning software (ERP) used by the New Jersey-based company and sought a new provider of the business-management system. They recognized that the technology was changing so fast and that complex, multi-site businesses like theirs needed to keep up. Mitsui Foods invited several ERP vendors to bid for the business and quickly selected Oracle. “It’s like riding a bike. If you don’t keep pedaling, you’ll fall off,” Albert Caamic, SVP, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Mitsui Foods explains. “If we had not updated to a new ERP system, we may have hampered our growth,” Caamic continued. “We wouldn’t have been able to provide the level of detailed information required by our sales group and suppliers, and even our customer service would have been affected.”

Fast forward to 2013 when their Oracle vendor offered a new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting partnership with Sungard Availability Services, linking their Oracle offerings and expertise with Sungard AS’ secure, highperformance infrastructure for Managed Oracle Services.

With Sungard AS’ pre-certified Oracle environment – managed servers, OS, SAN, backup, network, firewall and internet – for its Oracle e-Business suite, Mitsui Foods gained access to state-of-the-art facilities with a system that’s easier to maintain and upgrade.

Here’s the key: Mitsui Foods was able to incorporate a multi-site deployment to support disaster recovery objectives. “We all know that Sungard AS is top tier when it comes to protecting data resources,” Caamic says. “Without those services, we wouldn’t be able to function if a disruption occurred.”

The hosting implementation took three months with an on schedule go-live of February 2014. “The Sungard AS environment allows us to work much more efficiently,” Caamic says. With Sungard AS maintaining the hardware in a virtualized environment and managing Oracle firmware updates, he has a much more resilient infrastructure and can concentrate his small IT team on their e-commerce business – which is critical for growing revenue.

  • Headquarters: Norwood, N.J.
  • Provides quality food offerings to the North American marketplace
  • Industry: Food and Beverage distribution
  • Uses Sungard AS Managed Oracle Services for Application Management

As an Oracle Gold Partner, Sungard AS delivers high-performance, reliable and secure access to all your Oracle deployments. Sungard AS’ suite of Managed Oracle Services capability covers a broad range of availability solutions, from Oracle production application hosting and support to high-availability recovery infrastructures and consulting.


With Oracle ERP and the production application hosting provided by Sungard AS, Caamic says his concerns about managing such a complex environment vanished. Among other benefits, Mitsui Foods is able to improve visibility with its food vendors by tracking the status of orders better and paying suppliers faster. It also provides better information to its sales personnel via the Oracle Business Intelligence software offerings, which help project product needs.

In addition, the Sungard AS Oracle environment offers Mitsui Foods a utility-based model for its virtual machines at a monthly flat fee, rather than purchasing costly hardware – allowing them to shift from a capex to opex model.

Overall, Caamic maintains, “I sleep better at night with Sungard AS hosting our Oracle system and maintaining the infrastructure environment.”


  • Pre-certified virtualized Oracle hardware and environment (e.g. RedStack), including monitoring, reporting and 24/7 support.
  • Resilient multi-site deployment with ability to transition production from primary to secondary environment in the event of a disruption.
  • Move from capex to opex financing using a utility-based model contracting for easily scaled VMs at a monthly fee, rather than purchasing costly hardware.
  • Monitoring, backups and management of the operating systems – hardware, lifecycle management with servers and blades supported by Oracle firmware updates.