Case Study

Rémy Cointreau USA tastes the future of luxury spirits with Sungard AS Recovery Services

Rémy Cointreau, one of the most recognizable and successful luxury wine and spirits groups worldwide, dates back to 1724 – a unique heritage that sets it apart from most of its competitors. While life today differs dramatically from the Age of Enlightenment, the company remains a symbol of exceptional taste. To stay atop cutting-edge techniques and retain a discerning clientele, Rémy Cointreau embraces the latest technology to manage its global operations.

“In 2009, we were using an outdated system to back up our data – and recording everything on tapes didn’t feel like a 21st century-type operation,” says Alexandre Page-Relo, chief information officer of Rémy Cointreau USA Inc. “Our Sungard Availability Services representative really delved into our needs by asking all the right questions about our operations to identify the best way for us to move into a more secure future – and so we can continue to seize opportunities for development.”

Sungard Availability Services pioneered recovery services more than 30 years ago. Its deep expertise in information security, compliance and governance helps keep the data of clients such as Rémy Cointreau USA safe and available should disruptions or even disaster strike. Rémy Cointreau USA has seen both improved levels of service and related cost savings since employing its services.

“Sungard AS has given me the confidence to trust that I could lose my New York site and still run my business.” ALEXANDRE PAGE-RELO CIO, Rémy Cointreau USA

“Our Sungard AS representative really delved into our needs by asking all the right questions about our operations to identify the best way for us to move into a more secure future – and so we can continue to seize opportunities for development.” ALEXANDRE PAGE-RELO CIO, Rémy Cointreau USA

  • Importer of luxury wine and spirits around the world
  • Headquartered in Paris with regional offices in New York
  • Partnered with Sungard AS for Disaster Recovery
Benefits with Recovery Services
  • Improved business efficiencies, bringing peace of mind allowing Rémy Cointreau USA to focus on business
  • Ability to back up data to a secure, redundant site, as well as meet RTOs for their systems/applications
  • Sungard AS backup and recovery services help ensure having Rémy Cointreau USA products always available to customers

Partnering for business solutions

From the rich soil of France to the World Wide Web, the business processes at Rémy Cointreau USA are not overly complicated – rules are very clear, maintains Page-Relo. But the company’s success relies on high availability of IT systems, especially continuous access to its enterprise resource-planning software, phone and email services.

“We connect distributors in the U.S. who want to sell our portfolio items with the supplier companies in France and other countries, so it’s critical for us to maintain contact on both ends of this spectrum,” says Page-Relo. “It requires a lot of coordination so that nothing disrupts this well-oiled machine.”

This coordination came with Sungard AS, which Rémy Cointreau USA views as a necessary component to increase the strength of its businesscontinuity plan. Today, Rémy Cointreau USA uses Managed Vaulting for NetApp to back up its environment to a secure Sungard AS location.

With that service, Sungard AS assumes responsibility for moving Rémy Cointreau USA’s protected data from its primary NetApp storage environment to the secondary NetApp environment in one of its premier recovery centers. The service provides managed protection that includes backup, replication, vaulting and storage management.

The service, says Page-Relo, “provides fast and simple backup and recovery by tapping Sungard AS’ recovery expertise and maximizing our existing NetApp storage investment. It frees both internal IT and infrastructure resources.”

Rémy Cointreau USA couples this service with Sungard AS’ Recovery Services, which help ensure that its staff is operational as soon as possible in the event a disaster occurs. If that should happen, Sungard AS would provide recovery hardware and support to allow for Rémy Cointreau USA’s business and employees to get back up and working.

“No matter how dedicated our consumers, if a shortage of Champagne or Cognac develops in stores because we haven’t been able to create the order in the computers, my customers may turn to the competition,” acknowledges Page-Relo. “You never know what the outcome of that change could be.”

Strategic approach

Page-Relo and his team learned about NetApp and its innovative storage solutions for systems recovery and business continuity planning, through early conversations with Sungard AS. They were drawn to Sungard AS because of its ability to provide the deliverable support required to leverage all of NetApp’s features.

“Sungard AS’ expertise in NetApp was incredibly useful to us as we migrated to a stronger backup system and created a disaster recovery plan,” recalls Page-Relo.

Today, Rémy Cointreau USA’s New York-based office can replicate its servers and networks in no time in the event of a data disruption.

“Sungard AS has given me the confidence necessary to trust that I could lose my New York site and still run my business,” says Page-Relo. “Now I can focus more of my energy on profits and product innovations. You’re buying peace of mind and comfort.”


Looking ahead, Rémy Cointreau USA has plans to grow and expand its business – and Page-Relo has no doubt that Sungard AS will be able to scale its offering to keep the business running as smooth as its most exclusive LOUIS XIII Cognac.

By working closely with clients such as Rémy Cointreau USA and tailoring solutions to meet their needs, Sungard AS can manage recovery so that clients can focus on their businesses.

“Despite only having 250 employees in the U.S., we think and behave like a big company,” he says. “And I know that I can rely on Sungard AS to manage the growing vines of our business with the same dedication we’ve applied toward growing grapes for almost 300 years.”

Partnering with Sungard AS

Working with industry-leading technology partners, we are able to provide proven availability solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. Unlike other companies offering individual technology services, Sungard AS is focused on providing responsive and integrated Cloud, managed services and disaster recovery, IT consulting and business continuity management software solutions to keep you and your information connected. Sungard AS provides for application availability using end-to-end data protection solutions to help you manage your data more efficiently, effectively and securely. The result is a flexible, cost-effective way to help ensure your data is there when you need it: Always