Case Study

Social Solutions strengthens public sector growth

Every day, thousands of nonprofit agencies log in and out of Social Solutions’ proprietary Efforts to Outcomes™ (ETO) software to document their interactions with individuals in need and monitor their progress and service results. In 2001, with only a couple hundred clients, the company built each database and physically delivered it to a client’s office. But to grow its business substantially, this leading provider of performance management software for human services companies had to change.

“Expanding our business meant attracting more recognizable organizations in the public sector that, historically, is risk averse and often requires top-notch security infrastructure,” explains Adrian Bordone, Co-founder and Vice President of Social Solutions. “We needed a web-based solution with no evidence of downtime — and a partner with a spotless record in IT security and availability.”

That partner is Sungard Availability Services. With an unmatched reputation as a “best-in-breed” provider of sound data management, Sungard AS was the right solution, adds Bordone. As a result, Social Solutions has never had data lost or a single violation of data security due to disaster or error. Sungard AS chalks it up to the model it has set for availability throughout the industry.

As a pioneer and leader in the availability industry, Sungard AS is known for helping companies protect their top business asset – data. By offering application protection and high levels of resiliency, its clients draw from this experience to navigate their needs both now and in the future for availability.

“We needed a web-based solution with no evidence of downtime.” ADRIAN BORDONE Co-founder and Vice President, Social Solutions

Social solutions
  • Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Created Efforts to Outcomes™ (ETO) software
  • Human Resources Software – Leading provider of performance management software for human services, connecting efforts to outcomes, people to social services, and service providers and communities to funders
  • Leverages Sungard AS Cloud and Colocation Services

Partnering for business solutions

Moving from its antiquated datamanagement methods to Sungard AS’ Enterprise Cloud Services helped Social Solutions quickly configure and deploy its web-based solution to more clients — addressing compliance requirements related to HIPAA and industry standards such as ISO. Sungard AS’ knowledge of industry regulatory requirements enables its team of experts to provide secure Cloud solutions enabling customer compliance.

The transition — and Sungard AS’ ability to accommodate a variety of infrastructure elements on top of Cloud — also played a critical role in Social Solutions’ successful efforts to win the business of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Outside of the defense industry, the SSA is known to possess the toughest level of requirements for data security. Sungard AS gave Social Solutions the support and platform it needed to “set up the required separate server environment and meet an extensive security plan that included line-by-line examinations and third-party auditing,” says Bordone. “Sungard AS was an important partner by our side during what was really a turning point for our success.”

Sungard AS’ Enterprise Cloud employs a multilayered security approach, including physical and platform security for surrounding processes as well as a suite of comprehensive security solutions.

“Sungard AS has continued to deliver the level of data security and scalable infrastructure that Social Solutions and our clients require.” ADRIAN BORDONE Co-founder and Vice President, Social Solutions


Winning the SSA’s business positioned Social Solutions to further strengthen its pursuit of other public sector clients.
“Sungard AS offers the clients we serve the confidence to quickly sign off on security and other data and privacy safeguards,” says Bordone. “This means we can immediately begin to solve the business problem at hand and shave weeks or months off of the sales and implementation cycle.”

Social Solutions successfully arms its clients with the tools to manage their client data and medical records efficiently. Sungard AS gives them the confidence that this data will be protected by their secure hosting facility and always available through multiple internet connections from different vendors.

Today, Sungard AS has helped Social Solutions accelerate its public sector growth and further its commitment to transform human services by relating efforts to outcomes to generate clear ROI. Since partnering with Sungard AS, Social Solutions has expanded its client base from 2,568 sites to nearly 6,400 sites representing 150 percent growth.

Benefits from switching to Cloud

  • Web-based solution with no evidence of downtime
  • Positioned Social Solutions to accelerate Public Sector growth, and become the largest exclusively Cloud-based company doing human services case management
  • Expanded client base from 200 clients in 2001, to over 3,800 clients today
  • Sungard AS’ reputation is critical in dealing with clients — perception is reality