Is Your Crisis Management Program Ready for Today’s World?

As traditional Disaster Recovery makes the move into today’s rapidly changing world of Always On, Always Available, it is critical to be proactive in managing events that pose threats to your organization. Effective Crisis Management Programs of today take advantage of the real-time insights and data available to us. It is critical that your crisis management is built on sound principles of situational awareness, impact analysis, decision making and effective communications

Do you have an effective Crisis Management Program in place today, or are you still suffering from fragmented data, unreliable data sources, lack of communications and confusion at time of incident?

Delivered by Tracey Forbes, Vice President of Business Development and Kelley Pidhirsky, Senior Product Specialist, learn how leading organizations are adopting a situation-centric framework to transform their Crisis Management practices. This webinar covered:

  • Procedures and protocols for incident management, emergency response and site availability management planning
  • Communication best practices and emergency notification for secure, accurate and fast communication to employees, vendors and stakeholders
  • Situational awareness where risk can be determined and monitored for all your global location
  • Tips for building awareness and getting your executive team on board


Tracey Forbes, Vice President of Business Development

Kelley Pidhirsky, Senior Product Specialist