An alternate space for business recovery

If a event outside of your control compromises your premises, you might assume your people can muddle through working from home, or in a coffee shop or hotel. But during major disruptions, like a hurricane, flood, cyber attack or terrorist activity, entire areas can be left without power and telephony for weeks at a time.

The reality is, most employees still need a workspace to be productive. And critical IT staff need to gather as a team, not isolated or dispersed across multiple locations.

Workplace Recovery Services from Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) provide an alternate brick-and-mortar site for key staff. Our facilities are fully equipped with virtually everything people need to get on with the job at hand: from networked PCs, familiar applications, high-speed internet connectivity and phones to desks, seating and even a kitchen and break room. It's not so much a home-away-from-home, but an office-away-from-the-office.

Recover faster with fewer losses. Whether you opt for space in one of our recovery centers or a mobile recovery unit, your employees are guaranteed a secure, comfortable working environment with communications and connectivity, not just a physical location. Empower your staff to keep the wheels of business turning while you recover your IT.

Eliminate costly contingencies. Gain the facilities, equipment and expertise of an enterprise-grade recovery infrastructure and network. If your primary site is unavailable, you can avoid the guesswork and maintenance burden of building and updating a back-up worksite of your own. Rented at a per-seat price, you can also keep workspace recovery costs in line with your budget.

A one-stop shop for high availability. Our workplace recovery services can be tailored to your specific needs, depending on your recovery time objective (RTO) and employee relocation requirements. Mix and match cost-effective shared recovery space for your technicians, while they restore databases, with a private, custom-designed space for traders or call center employees. One call will do it all.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for Workplace Recovery?

With over 27,000 workgroup positions, 5 million square feet of data center and operations space at over 90 facilities, and 10 mobile recovery units facilities staged in strategic locations, we’re wherever you need us to be. We also offer cloud back-up and managed recovery solutions, consulting, hot site and colocation products and services, plus continuity planning and crisis notification software. It’s no wonder we have the longest track record in the industry of disaster recovery. 


  • Shared, dedicated and mobile options available
  • Guaranteed viable working environment
  • No capital outlay on redundant premises
  • Available immediately or at short notice
  • Maintain compliance and revenue generation

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Choose the right workplace recovery solution

Whether you're looking for a multi-site 'near/far' solution, the reassurance of seamless roll-back to other locations, or the ability to knit physical and virtual processes during recovery, Sungard AS is one of the only providers that can offer a complete, interoperable recovery solution for every element of your business. We offer the highest levels of resilience of anyone in our industry, with all our recovery centers enjoying IP telephony and dual diverse multi-Gigabit interconnectivity. Our options include:

Dedicated Workplace Recovery

If you're looking for at-the-ready workforce recovery with custom configurations for compliance, regulatory or other needs, take advantage of a private, exclusive-use space with guaranteed availability, kept on standby for your business. A must-have for organizations with aggressive RTOs or security sensitivities, who want greater control over access, usage, equipment and even furniture and branding.

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Shared Workplace Recovery

If you need immediate work area recovery, or you're looking to maintain customer service, billing and contact center operations, a shared workspace, available on a subscription basis, offers the most flexible and cost-effective option for keeping employees connected to your critical applications. Each of our centers provides hundreds of seats, with overflow sent to alternative facilities in the event of a regional disaster, so you can maintain revenue generation while you recover your business.

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Mobile Workplace Recovery1

If you're too far from a Sungard AS facility to travel, you can subscribe to our Mobile Workplace Recovery service. Fully equipped, modern workstations can be dispatched to your location in the continental United States or Canada within 24 hours, complete with internet, telephone and printers, and an optional high-speed satellite link. Priced according to the number of workstations you need, this self-contained, environmentally controlled workspace will allow you to recover your business close to home with little or no impact to your workforce. Just add people!

1 Not offered as a standalone service in Europe, but can be added to our Managed Recovery Services offering.

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