Workplace Recovery



For the people and processes that keep you in business

When employees aren't working, your organization loses money. So what happens when a disaster compromises your workplace? You need a solid workplace recovery plan so your people can get back to work ASAP. And remember, it's not enough to have a physical location where they can work. They also need access to phones, PCs, your applications, and perhaps the Internet, because continuity of operations – or a lack thereof – will affect your bottom line if you aren't prepared.

Sungard Availability Services' (Sungard AS) Dedicated Recovery service offers a tailored operating environment with comfortable space, x86 desktop and server hardware, printers and fax machines, and advanced voice and data communication capabilities. Sungard AS' secure high-speed private Sungard AS Global Network allows us to address your voice and data requirements. With our a consistently available infrastructure, you are able to recover any time.

Dedicated recovery space for immediate and exclusive use

Our Dedicated Workplace Recovery solution is perfect for companies in highly-regulated industries, including financial, governmental, and healthcare organizations. You benefit from:

  • Private rooms to help you meet government and industry regulations
  • The ability to populate the dedicated recovery space with specific PC and office technology
  • Immediate and exclusive use of the dedicated recovery space
  • The ability to use the dedicated recovery space for extended periods of time
  • Occasional use for training and testing at no additional charge
  • Immediate access: the dedicated recovery space is ready when you walk in the door
  • Often combined with shared recovery to strike the right balance between availability and cost

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for dedicated workplace recovery?

With more than 5 million square feet of data center and operations space at over 80 facilities coupled with teams of experts available to help build a solid business continuity and disaster recovery program, Sungard AS is trusted by businesses around the world to deliver enterprise resiliency. We will collaborate with you closely to tailor a recovery suite to align with your exact needs. Plus, you can combine dedicated recovery space with our hosting and disaster recovery services to ensure a highly resilient and available business.

People must be at the center of business continuity planning

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When the unexpected hits, companies shift into recovery mode. Business processes have to be up and running again, fast. In today’s technological world, that invariably involves computer systems, data, networks, and applications.


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Sungard AS data centers and recovery locations encompass 5 million square feet in over 80 locations worldwide.