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    Munsbach - Workplace Recovery Centre

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    Workplace Recovery Centre, Munsbach, Luxembourg

    Services provided

    • Workplace Recovery



    • Shared: 214
    • Dedicated: 311

    Building Features

    • 2,973 m² recovery area
    • 508 seats
    • 2 customer conference rooms and lounge area
    • Customer voice recovery capabilities
    • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 backed security access controls


    ZI Syrdall, 6B, rue Gabriel Lippmann, L-5365 Münsbach

    Environmental Controls

    • 2 NH3 based cooling production units
    • Cooling distribution in N+1 mode

    Power Management

    • Electricity with High Availability
    • Electricity with 20KV via a dual ring
    • 3 uninterrupted power supplies 3 x 160 KVA
    • 144 UPS batteries
    • Back up of 2 diesel generators (48h without refill)

    Physical Security

    • Intrusion detection
    • Video recording (CNPD certified)
    • 24h / 7 days monitoring
    • Restricted visitor policy
    • Safety patrols

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    Schedule a live, in-person tour nearest you today with one of our on-site managers.
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