Declan Sharpe

SVP & UK Sales Director

As SVP & UK Sales Director, Declan Sharpe is responsible for the UK Sales Department, including the pre-sales and solution architect teams that support the direct and indirect sales teams, with around 1,200 customers. Declan has over 18 years experience in Sales and Sales Management, primarily in IT services, focusing on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Managed Services, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Declan joined the Company in 1999 and has held various sales and sales management roles in this time, and has seen many changes in the services portfolio that Sungard AS provides to its growing client base. Declan and his sales teams are committed to helping our Customers deal with the ever changing challenges that businesses face today, whether that be agility and response to change, availability and resiliency, staying secure and compliant, or the ever present cost efficiency challenges in todays marketplace. ​