Pat ​Morley

VP, Global Recovery Services, & Operations Director, Europe

Pat has over 30 years IT experience in both public and private businesses, in a variety of sectors including: publishing, local government, leisure & travel industry and finally in availability services. He has held roles in Operations, Service Management, Product Management and Product Development. His previous companies include East Sussex County Council, Reed Business Press, OAG Airline Guides and Comdisco.
In 1996 Pat joined Comdisco which was acquired by Sungard AS in 2001. During this time he has managed the Mainframe, Unix, Intel and Network Teams, had overall responsibility for Sungard AS flagship London Technology Centre and in July 2005 led the co-ordination of Sungard AS recovery of those customers affected by the London bombings. In a similar vein, Pat also managed the largest peacetime disaster recovery response in Europe following the Buncefield oil depot explosion of December 2005. In recent years he took over operational responsibility for the delivery of Sungard AS UK services including all the facilities and all Recovery, Managed and Cloud Services, this was later extending to all Sungard AS European operations across 7 countries. During 2014 as part of AS globalisation program, Pat was assigned responsibility for all the Data Centres and Workplace locations globally, this year he has changed roles again to manage Recovery Services globally, whilst also continuing his European role. 

Pat lives in Hertfordshire with his wife Ginny and has 3 children, two girls at university and 1 son at college. He is a passionate skier and snowboarder, who previously lived in Italy running a ski chalet, he also enjoys cycling and walking. ​