Wade Alt

Wade Alt

Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Engineering

Wade Alt is Senior Vice President for Global Solutions Engineering at Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS). In this role he is focused on providing pre-sales business, technical and financial solution engineering capabilities in support of Sungard AS' sales and channels teams, giving Sungard AS a consistent and global approach in designing customer solutions that are tailored to meet their unique business needs. These solutions are designed with Recovery in mind so that customers receive fully recoverable production environments, flexible service delivery, and a transparent partner to help them manage their complex IT infrastructure and capabilities.

Alt's Global Solutions Engineering team works closely with the Sungard AS Product and Operations teams to ensure that solutions are competitive, repeatable, and designed for optimal delivery and commerciality.

Alt joined Sungard AS in January 2012 from Neustar, where he was Vice President of corporate strategy. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Information Systems from State University of New York at Buffalo, and a Master's degree in International Business from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.