A Cloud Solution for Your Business Needs

85% of enterprises will be multi-cloud in 2018 (IDG). The benefits are clear. With faster provisioning and on-the-fly scalability, you can align IT resources with business needs in the now and be ready for what's in the future. And, with Sungard Availability Services at your side, you can greatly simplify your transition to the cloud as you transform the way you consume and pay for IT services.

Sungard AS knows how to ensure cloud environments are agile, stable, and resilient. Whether you’re using our Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) or Managed AWS offering, you can expect to:

  • Gain better management of your complex cloud environment to reduce overall spend, maximize utilization and leverage enterprise-level support
  • Build resilience across cloud-based production and recovery systems
  • Adapt your Hybrid IT environment by leveraging the latest advances in cloud to support the changing needs and demands of your business

Sungard AS works with you to assess your needs and recommend the right service delivery model for your specific systems and workloads. Then, we can migrate your applications and combine new cloud hosting infrastructures with existing systems for a more manageable hybrid IT environment.

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Managed Cloud | AWS

Managed AWS from Sungard AS enables the flexibility, scalability and reliability of the industry-leading AWS cloud within your hybrid IT environment, but without sacrificing the control, compliance and security your business requires. In addition to our fully-managed AWS offering, we provide a self-management tool to make it easy to deploy AWS resources in a simple, secure and integrated way.

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Managed Cloud | Hosted Private Cloud (HPC)

Use private clouds when you need to protect your most sensitive data, or when you have specific application performance goals. Our “gold standard” solution provides the scalability and agility of a cloud infrastructure with the security and performance advantages of fully dedicated server, storage and network devices. Our dedicated, virtualized options deliver these best-in-class services, but at a reduced cost. 

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Managed Security Services

Our defence-in-depth security approach also streamlines system and data protection so you can preserve existing investments and adopt new IT delivery models to support your business, and worry less about security.

Our security approach encompasses cloud and hosted data, as well as in-house workloads and applications. Starting with a vulnerability assessment, this managed service provides multiple layers of protection, from network and web applications firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection/prevention and access management tools to integrity monitoring and log management, with 24/7 coverage by our security experts.

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Choose the right cloud

What's the right cloud for you? The answer is to let your applications drive your decision. Consider each application's availability, performance, security and recovery needs. Decide whether you want to manage the environment on your own, or have us manage it for you. Then align those requirements and preferences to the features of specific cloud services.

Managed Cloud - Hosted Private Cloud

Gain the scalability and agility of a cloud infrastructure with the security and performance advantages of having server and storage resources fully dedicated to your organization. Self-managed and managed private cloud services are available.


Managed Cloud - Amazon Web Services

Managed Cloud – Amazon Web Service (AWS) combines the advantages of industry-leading AWS with ongoing management and support from Sungard AS. As a result, your organization can have a less complex, more secure and integrated approach to cloud services.


Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for cloud services?

With 40 years of experience helping our customers navigate their IT journeys, you can rely on Sungard Availability Services to ease and speed your path to the cloud as you progress to a more responsive and agile IT environment.